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These Men Show That Pregnancy Fantasies Aren't Just For The Ladies
It's common to hear about women fantasizing about being pregnant and having babies. After all, the maternal urge can hit a woman real hard! Contrary to popular belief, men have like fantasies as well. These men reveal their desires that revolve around getting a woman pregnant. From sweet to creepy, these confessions show that men and women aren't always that different.

To each their own.

My biggest fantasy 
is to get a woman pregnant
.....in front of her 

The instincts are real.

When I see a woman so good looking, like genetic miracle sexy, my first thought is I want to get her pregnant. I don't ever want kids but that's where my mind goes.


I am married.  My wife is pregnant.  I love her & I'm so excited for our baby.  

I want a second wife.  And I want to get her pregnant too.  It'd be my family.

A baby can't guarantee that.

I secretly want to get her pregnant so she'll stay with me forever

It's not just the girls that feel this way.

I'm 17 years old (male) and I suddenly have the urge to get a girl pregnant and start a family and have a son of my own??? WTF I thought only girls get the "urge" of motherhood

Something you might want to discuss with her.

My fwb doesn't know I'm trying/want to get her pregnant so she has my baby 🙈