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16 Au Pairs Confess How They Really Feel About Their Host Families
An au pair is typically someone who travels to a foreign country to care for a host family's children and home in exchange for money and a place to stay. What do individuals on the job go through? These 16 people working as au pairs open up about their thoughts, feelings and struggles about their unique line of work. Find out what they go through in these eye-opening confessions.

Parents can make the job harder.

I'm an Au pair and the parents have no discipline with the kids, yet they ask me to be strict ... it's so tough because they get away with everything

You develop a close bond.

I'm an au-pair and the child I'm looking after said he wants me to stay forever. Leaving him will be harder than leaving my country.

Parting ways is difficult.

I'm an au pair, today my host kid asked if I ever have to leave.. it actually broke my heart telling him that I soon NEED to go back to Europe.

Days off are hard to come by.

I'm an Au Pair and I work 8-12 hours a day during kid's vacations, holidays, weekends and sickness. That's too often and too much :/

The struggle.

I'm an au pair and am crushing on my host dad. He has kids, is happily married and is 15 years older than me.


I'm an au pair in Australia, and the dad is so hot. HELP ME!