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19 Parents Who Knew Their Kids Were Gay Before The Kids Did
Coming out is usually a big step for anyone in the LGBTQ community because of the negative responses some families may have to the news. However, for these 19 people coming out was anticlimactic at best. Follow along as they reveal the plot twist to their "coming out" story with parents who knew their child was gay all along. Here are the tell-tale signs that were a dead giveaway to them.

Parents like this are the best!

I hadn't came out to my parents, and one day when I came home from school my parents had left me a letter saying 'we know you are gay stop lying to yourself and live your life!'

Some signs are clearer than others...

When I came out to my parents, they said they already knew. When I asked them how they knew, they said,

"You used to lick the TV when Snape came on in Harry Potter."


I came out of the closet to my grandparents last night.   My grandma said: 
 "I always knew you were a bit of a floozy".   

No surprise there.

I'm gay and I came out to my mom last summer. She said she knew since I was three and put on her heels

All bets are off.

Just told my parents I was gay. My mom shook her head, got up and gave my dad money as he shouted 'I knew it...'

Good eye...

When I came out to my dad he told me he already knew because he'd noticed me checking out the same girls he did since I was 14...