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Wives Confess The Craziest Secrets They Keep From Their Husbands
Everyone has secrets. Some people just have juicer secrets than others. For these wives, even the bond of marriage can't bring them to tell their husbands certain things. From scandalous to heartbreaking, these crazy confessions will surely shock you. It make you think...what secrets are your loved ones hiding from you right now?


My husband doesn't know that I still write to my ex in prison

Sad and complicated.

I am in love with my dead best friend. She died a year a go. My husband doesn't know...


I made myself miscarriage. I couldn't handle having another baby, physically or mentally. My husband doesn't know I was relieved.

Spooky secrets.

I'm a witch and my husband doesn't know.

You never know when you might need a few thousand...

I have $50k my husband doesn't know about. I say nothing wrong with that!

Oh damn.

My husband doesn't know, but I own the apartment complex he hangs his side chicks in. I'm raising the rent and getting even.