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21 People In New Relationships Who Said "I Love You" Way Too Soon
"I love you" is only three words, but put them together and they create an impact that can last a lifetime. In a day and age where the hopeless romanticism is being replaced with a "hookup culture," people still hope that the small phrase is one that is taken seriously and not just thrown around. At the start of every new relationship, the couple will test the waters to be sure they aren't waiting too long or speaking too soon to say those magic words. Yet some people are in so much in a rush to begin their love life that the blurt the phrase only days into their dating life. Most of the times, what the other person says back is not quite what wants to be heard.

This is not the response she was looking for.

My girl just said I love you we have only been together a week I just hung up the phone and haven't talked to her since

Sometimes, you know deep down that you're meant for each other.

We said "I love you" after 3 days. We have been together over 4 years.

Someone was in a rush.

She said "I love you" after 3 days, no. You don't fall in love in 3 days, this isn't Pixar okay?

It was an early warning sign.

I broke up with my ex because he said I love you after only one week of dating. Hate clingy guys.


My boyfriend said I love you after 2 weeks, and now we are talking about marriage and kids... When you know you know!

Baby steps.

My bf and I said I love you after a month. We started talking a month before dating. And it's definitely love over lust because we've been together for 10 months and haven't done anything sexually.