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These People Were Actually Asked Out By Their Former Bullies
Bullying is a huge epidemic. Millions of children, teens, and even some adults are affected by it on a daily basis. It can contribute to depression, anxiety, and it makes it difficult for children attending school to focus on their studies. If you've been bullied, it's not always easy to get over. You remember who bullied you for years after. So then how would you react if the person who made your life a daily struggle suddenly wanted to date you?

One reason to say yes is to get revenge.

The guy who used to bully me in high school 10 years ago for being chubby just asked me out on a date. He doesn't know I am the girl he used to bully so I said yes... Revenge will be sweet!

Or you can turn them down in a savage

I met a boy that used to bully me in high school yesterday and he didn't recognise me and tried to hit on me.. So i played along.. When he asked my name I told him the nickname he called me in high school then I threw my drink over him 

And feel your confidence go up.

Worked hard at the gym, the guy who used to bully me for being fat came over asked for my number, laughed in his face and walked away. Massive confidence boost!

But sometimes they apologize!

After making my life hell, my high school bully just apologized for being a dick and asked me out 
on a date.

Often times, they were just the same as you.

My old bully came out the closet a few years ago.
Today he (was a she) asked me out.
Like wtf no!
I'm dating the guy that used to bully me in HS for being gay. 
It's been a crazy ride but people can change if they put their mind to it and get their shit together.

It can take time, but sometimes it works out.

My middle school bully called me up the other day and apologized for his behavior. It was unexpected, and he told me he wanted to be friends.
A year later, and we finally started dating.

It can feel so good to rub it in their face.

Kid made fun of me every day for being skinny. Came back the next year hourglass as fuck. He asked me out. Rejecting him felt so good.
A guy used to make fun of me and laugh in my face whenever I talked. Today he asked me out because I've been losing weight.

I laughed in his face. Sorry not sorry.

If you do date, it can be hard to trust them.

I'm dating a guy that use to bully me freshman year. But now I love him. Idk. Should I trust it?

Who told boys that teasing the girl they like is okay?

I fell in love with my childhood bully. He claimed to tease me so he could catch my attention. After 2 months of dating he broke up with me because he couldn't stand how much he'd hurt me.. I miss him

It can be awkward to tell people that you're dating.

My parents know I'm dating someone
But they don't know he used to be mu school bully
And they don't know he's gay or that I'm bi
I wish I could tell them the truth

They might not even remember you.

One of the boys that used to bully me in school for being ugly found me on a dating site. He wants to go on a date. This is weird and awkward as fuck because he doesn't remember me lol.
The boy who used to bully me in middle school doesn't recognize me in highschool. He wants to know why I turned him down for dating. He may have forgotten but I will always remember.

I'm dating my bully from highschool. The best part, I was so "uncool" that he doesn't even remember we went to highschool together. And I'm not about to remind him!

They might not recognize you at all even.

Ran into one of the guys who bullied me in high school today. 
He didn't recognize me. 
He asked me out and I turned him down!! 
Ugly duckling turned into a sexy swan.

It's nice to get an apology at least.

The guy who bullied me all thru school about my weight apologized to me and asked me out.....idk what to say

It can just be really confusing.

A guy from my old school who bullied me last year liked me on a dating app. 
A few weeks later, he liked me again. 
What is this supposed to mean?

But if they made your life difficult, you owe them nothing.

This guy who used to bully me caused me to be on depression actually have a crush on me. Now he is reaching out. 
Nuh uhuh

Even if it's years down the line.

Back in grade school, I had a verbal bully. Now I'm in college, he recently announced that he has had a crush on me ever since.


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